Dharmatherapy“Bruce is a complete healer. With the Buddhist background he is very compassionate and his attitude toward his profession is very sincere. He tries to heal you not only with acupuncture needles but with recommended exercises and a special diet to root out the cause of pain. I have been seeing him for my neck and lower back pain for a year. I feel much better now and I can enjoy many activities I could not do before. During the pain treatments he noticed that my feet and hands are cold and he prescribed a herbal medicine to treat the symptom. I had sweat on feet and suffered from chilblains in winter but thanks to Bruce the sweating on feet reduced drastically and  I am very happy with my feet. Without any reservations I would like to recommend Bruce for aches and pain treatments.” – Peter Yom, CUNY Professor

Lotus dharma logo“I was referred to Master Park by a friend at work. I’ve been experiencing sciatic nerve pain due to lower back issue when I first met him. What I appreciate the most with Bruce is he assesses your entire body every time you see him. He checks your pulse, your stomach, your skin, blood circulation and he even taught me breathing exercises to help me relax. There is a focus on my ailment but each treatment will depend on what my body is going through and general well-being. I highly recommend his services not to mention his home-made ginger tea!” – Katrina Gomez, The Americas Virgin Limited Edition, New York

Dharmatherapy“Dr. Park is extremely conscientious, talented and so good at his work that I look forward to our appointments with real anticipation of feeling better. He is also a delightful person. I cannot recommend him more highly.” – Helen Fioratti, Art Collector, L’Antiquaire & The Connoisseur

Lotus dharma logo“Bruce was enormously helpful to me in addressing my migraines as well as my neck and back pain issues. After exhausting traditional forms of treatment with medication, using alternative means of addressing my pain and stress was enlightening for me. He has a kind and caring rapport which I also believe factors in the therapeutic outcome. I am very grateful for his services.” – Dara C., Psychiatrist, NYU

Dharmatherapy“I was carrying so much stress and strain in my shoulders, and Bruce was able to break this down and lead me towards better breathing and stress management.” – SY, Attorney, Jersey City

Lotus dharma logo“I’ve been regularly seeing Master Park for over a year. During that time, he has cured many of my aches and pains while putting me on a firmer road to health and wellness. Thanks to him, I feel better, younger and stronger. I can’t recommend his services enough.” – Dan Kadison, Founder, NewsWhistle